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Want to sell your own module ?

It is possible to sell your own module on our platform. You will get 70% of your modules revenues each month. To sell a module, you just have to add a price key in your module manifest like 'price': 49.99, for example. The price is expressed in EUR by default, but you can also express it in USD by adding 'currency': 'USD', to the manifest.

Your repository is private ?

To publish your modules on our platform, we need to be allowed to read from your repository. If you are on Github, you can simply authorize our user online-odoo on your repository. If you are not, you will need to authorize our public SSH key instead.

Want a nice icon and description for your modules like CRM or Point of Sale ?

Starting from version 8.0, the module icon needs to be located at static/description/icon.png in the module folder. The main screenshot location is defined in the images key of the manifest, like 'images': ['images/main_screenshot.png'], for example. The rich-text HTML description comes from the static/description/index.html file in the module folder. It is recommended to start with this official template. If you don't provide one, the description of your module in the manifest will be used instead. If none of the above can be found, the module readme file will be displayed instead, if there is any.

You previously registered a Bzr repository and want to replace it by your new Git one ?

Please contact apps? with the urls of both the old Bzr repository and the new Git one, we will take care of everything !