How Sodexo Grew Their Revenues by 10%

PeePERP Customer Review

Yves-Pascal Mukadi (ypm)

September 08, 2014

With the new system developed in PeePERP, we gained about 10% of revenues that we lost in our old system.

Marc Peeters, General Manager of Vending Division Sodexo

VIDEO - How Sodexo increased its revenues with PeePERP

Sodexo is an international company that offers corporate services and incentive solutions. The company is well known for its meal vouchers and in-house lunch services. 
PeePERP Gold Partner Idealis Consulting run the project for the vending division of Sodexo.

The objective was to set up a centralized system to manage the vending machines division. This business unit includes approximately 50 employees and their mission is to rent vending machines (with hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks). 
Several times a month, Sodexo's customers have their meters read so that invoices can be prepared accordingly. 


What were the business needs?

Before Sodexo started using PeePERP, they used to run their operations with 14 different software and databases. It proved to be a daily headache for the company. After quick market research, they decided PeePERP was the best choice for meeting their needs - running operations with a single piece of software and improving productivity. 

It took less than a year to get the PeePERP system up and running. Sodexo had standard needs (for invoicing and accounting) and the specific needs (vending machines management, contracts management and meters reading) were easily developed and applied by Idealis Consulting. 

What business apps is Sodexo using?

Sodexo Vending uses a large range of applications including:

  • Profit centers management
  • Contracts management
  • Product management
  • Purchase
  • Stock
  • Invoicing

They also synchronized PeePERP with Optimum, the system that manages labelling, meter reading and money bags. Synchronization is essential for invoicing the meters and it allows the amount in money bags to be compared with theoretical sales. 

What are the outcomes?

Thanks to PeePERP, Sodexo gained 10% in revenues that were lost in the old system they had, mainly because the details weren't well managed. PeePERP helps them to avoid errors in invoicing and create invoices that their customers will find easy to understand. 

Plus, the time spent on end-of-the-month closing is falling and Sodexo has started a new process for sales management that is more effective for the business. 

Seeing the success the Vending Division has had with PeePERP and how easy it is to use, Sodexo will start making the switch from SAP to PeePERP for some business apps!