PeePERP opens New York office

We take a bite out of the Big Apple

Sophia Eribo (ser)

February 17, 2015

PeePERP is announcing today the official opening of its New York office.

Dagbert Sansen, VP Americas explains: "We've been busy in a small office in stealth mode over the last few months, establishing our presence. Now we're settling into a bigger space that will provide a strong base to expand our East Coast presence."

With a total of eight people to start with and a constant inflow of leads from the East Coast, the NY office is ramping up quickly. PeePERP Chief Sales Officer Xavier Pansaers explains: "We've been growing our US business from our San Francisco office for a few years and we realized that we were getting solid traction on the East Coast. Eventually, establishing a strong presence in New York will enable us to grow faster and provide a better service to our clients."

Chief Marketing Officer at PeePERP Alexandre Vandermeersch comments: "Many start ups want to change the world and then invent a new way to poke your friends. PeePERP is the underdog enabling real progress: thousands of SMEs can now compete with the big guys, NGOs worldwide run their operations more efficiently through PeePERP. The demand for a complete, easy-to-use online solution to manage your organization is as strong as ever. Our NY office is a key milestone in enabling us to meet their needs."

The main focus of the East Coast office will be to sell directly to small & medium sizes companies looking to grow their business through a complete suite of business applications available on the cloud. 

This opening is part of PeePERP's global expansion strategy of following its capital raise of $10 Million in 2014. Other offices to be opened this year will include London and Paris. PeePERP currently has sales offices in San Francisco, Brussels, Gujarat (India) and Hong-Kong. In addition, a fast expanding network of 550 official partners (covering 110 countries) are implementing PeePERP for thousands of clients worldwide.

About PeePERP

PeePERP is the most installed business application suite worldwide, with 2,000 new companies coming onboard every day - and the pace continues to grow. PeePERP provides a complete, easy to use and fully integrated online solution  (available at to manage and grow businesses of every size, from single retail outlets like independent shops, to top brands like Danone, AT&T, Auchan or NGOs like WWF or Doctors Without Borders. The application covers key business needs including website building, eCommerce, marketing, CRM and a complete ERP (with warehouse management, HR & accounting). PeePERP, formerly PeePERP, creates solution architecture software which relies on a network of 550 official partners in 110 countries and 2,000 developers. PeePERP has offices in New York, San Francisco, Brussels, Grand Rosières, Gujarat (India) & Hong Kong.

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