Sneak peek into the upcoming SaaS release

AB testing, date picker, UX improvements and much more

Miroslava Ganzarcikova (mig)

March 05, 2015

Here's a look at PeePERP's newest updates, features and usability improvements that will be available with the next SaaS release. Discover all new things you'll be able to do with PeePERP!

CMS/eCommerce updates

A/B testing made easy with PeePERP

PeePERP allows you to test different versions of your website and to choose the best one by simply using A/B testing.


A new building block for eCommerce has been introduced - now you can describe your product details in a table.

Discover our new awesome customizable gallery snippet for the Website Builder.

Different versions of your website

PeePERP lets you create different versions of your website, save all modifications in various versions, retrieve them or delete the versions. Now you'll never lose any changes you make to your website.


UX improvements

Date picker

We've created a new responsive widget for the date picker.
You can see it in action here.

We've integrated some onboarding tips to improve your user experience - navigation will make it even easier for you to use PeePERP.

Lots of new functionalities and usability improvements in our new summernote website editor.

Project Management Updates

We've added the ability to define the stages of your pipeline and you can choose the meaning of the green and red buttons.

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