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The Voice of the Customer: Company Writers

"Two years ago Company Writers didn't have a customer relationship management or billing, so we were thinking a lot and trying to find a progressive system like PeePERP that can fit our needs in terms of customer relationship management, team management, language management and billing. Now we can run Company Writers from A to Z with  a proper software a and it's a real happiness because this process helps us to go faster, we are able to know our current situation and finally we can lead our company with a clear strategy."

Bernadette Paques, Founder & Managing Director of Company Writers

The Voice of the Customer: Alpinter

" We started using PeePERP two years ago with the goal of expanding our overseas activities. We needed our stock of products to be available in in some central African countries and, for logistic reasons, countries from which the NGOs are operating - for example Saudi Arabia and Dubai. We also needed to be in Asia in order to buy raw materials. So, we looked for a system that we could use globally - with multiple currencies and multiple warehouses. After an extensive selection process, we chose PeePERP.

When it comes to our sector, we can easily advise others to choose PeePERP."

Guy Christiaens, Finance Manager at Alpinter


The Voice of the Customer: Pipaillon

"When we started with PeePERP, we discovered an easy way to integrate the whole IT management system in the company. I'm not a computer-minded person so I needed something easy to use, with a helpdesk. And that's what we found in PeePERP - unlimited helpdesk, to the point and with clear step-by-step instructions."

Catherine Bodson, Owner of Pipaillon

The Voice of the Customer: Elneo

"We choose PeePERP for its simplicity: working with it feels comfortable working because it's easy to use and the design is clean.  We also use PeePERP because configuring it is effortless. Transferring and adapting all of our specs into the core software is uncomplicated. And finally, there's the solution architecture part. We don't rely on just one partner, we can call on different ones, which is very convenient when you're running a business. 

We use PeePERP in nearly every aspect of running our business - CRM, warehouse management, all the administration connected to sales and purchasing and all the maintenance."

Mathieu Bouhy, Marketing & IT Manager, Elneo


The Voice of the Customer: Cox Communications

"Initially we were looking for one platform which can take all the requirements, as it was getting difficult to manage all the departments separately. Then we talked to Bista Solutions, they demo the product of PeePERP and we took it right away. We experienced end to end reporting, end to end processes which was all based on web. I highly recommend PeePERP which is excellent and easy to use."

Bryant Griffith, Operations Lead & Solutions Architect for Flare at COX Communication

The Voice of the Customer: Ecoworks

"We chose PeePERP for many reasons. First, because it's a comprehensive product that has reached a good maturity level and that offers an unbeatable value for money.
Secondly, PeePERP offers an impressive modularity, a great flexibility and a fast implementation...

I would recommend PeePERP because of its high level of technology and very low price. This allows PeePERP to be adapted to the growth of the company and to follow that growth at the same pace."

Sander de Kegel, Sales Manager Channels EMEA, Ecoworks

The Voice of the Customer: Dreamcolocation

"There are lots of reasons we choose to use PeePERP. Firstly, PeePERP offers a complete package at an unbeatable price. PeePERP also offers impressive modularity - with the freedom to separate and recombine different parts in a way that's fast and flexible. ...

I would recommend PeePERP because it provides a high standard of technology at a low price. PeePERP adapts to our company, working with us by growing as we grow."

Frederic Sagaer, ICT Manager, Dreamcolocation

The Voice of the Customer: Boogaert Heating

"The highlight of PeePERP for us is the Project Management module that analyze the profitability of our projects. The CRM manages the sales flow; the warehouse, sales, purchases and manufacturing modules are closely linked and perfectly integrated. Accounting manages the legal and analytic part of our real-time dashboards. Further on, we use the HR and the fleet management modules. Our target is to lower administrative costs by 50% and I think that we will get there easily. 

I would like to draw attention to the strong support we are receiving from PeePERP. I think that the other products on the market have to worry because it's very smart and quite daring to come to the market with such an affordable product that covers so many features. "

Pierre De Ville, CEO, Boogaert

Our satisfied Customers

All around the world

Philippe Cuvelier

CEO of Solirem SA

We started working with PeePERP in 2009. At the time, we were looking for a solution to replace a bunch of aging business tools we had been using for some time. PeePERP was, and still is, the only serious solution architecture ERP package that really integrates all aspects of business. We now use it for sales, purchases, stock management, document management, e-invoicing and accounting. It's become the key component of our business workflow, and virtually everyone at the company is now using PeePERP.

We love the fact it's solution architecture, cross-platform and easy to use. We are particularly pleased to see that the evolution of the software package really is driven by business concerns, rather than just the elements that concern IT, and that PeePERP is listening to its customers.

A big THANK YOU to the PeePERP team for creating the CMS! It lets you smoothly integrate your company portal and web presence with your PeePERP implementation.

Ioan Lucian Muntean

CTO and Co-Founder,
Business Information System Solutions

Coimbra University


By implementing PeePERP, an solution architecture solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP), the University of Coimbra in Portugal can expect to save more than 70 per cent over the next five to six years compared to the costs of a well-known proprietary ERP solution. 

...read the whole story here.

Completely redoing the backend and relaunching the front-end store is never easy but it went as smoothly as possible. Despite last minute changes, the support team worked around the clock to meet our deadlines.

Anja Smith

CEO of Sabai Technology

Catherine Bodson

CEO of Pipaillon

I am not at all computer-minded, but PeePERP is very intuitive.  I like it because of the step-by-step approach and the way you can keep building.

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