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Internal Company Email

PeePERP's app "Discuss" allows you to create internal groups/mailing lists on various topics for any department of your company. It's a simple and easy way to send any kind of company internal mail.

PeePERP offers you a great software for managing mailing lists and a simple way to keep all employees in the loop and informed about what's happening.

Specific Groups For Specific Projects

Do you have a new project and there are several people from different departments and offices involved? Is there a specific topic that needs to be discussed by certain people? Those are just few examples of the needs for specialized communication channels within your company. PeePERP offers you a solution.

With this app, you can structure such communication by creating an internal group, especially for this project. You can easily add and remove members in the PeePERP system - as everything else in PeePERP, the management of this app is simple and easy.

Create A Public Mailing List

This flexible PeePERP feature also allows you to create public groups, which can serve as mailing lists for your newsletters or for a community mailings.

It's a great way how to announce a big change in the company, release of a new product or other important news to your wide audience and followers.

You can create newsletter mailing list by adding a form on the website, where your visitors can subscribe by simply adding their email address which will be automatically added to your database.

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